Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by our emotions and completely stuck in our situation that the idea of ever living a happy, fulfilled, and thriving life seems unrealistic and unattainable. But, happiness is possible. We hear from our Alumni consistently - from people just like you who were scared, ashamed, and in some cases hopeless - who made the decision to attend our program and testify to the positive impact our program had on their lives, forever transforming them for the better.

“The Bridge changed the lens through which I look at every relationship in my life – my relationship with people, with food, with sex, with my family – but more importantly with myself.” - Paul H.

If you feel like you are ready to do something, but are still contemplating what that “something” is, we encourage you to click around our website. Learn more about our program by checking out some of the links below:

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We understand this is a big decision for anyone. Anytime you face the idea of leaving your home and your family for any amount of time you are going to have fears.  But, you deserve to live a happy life. To live a life that is fulfilled, where you are unashamed and feel positively about yourself. At The Bridge to Recovery, we believe just that, and that is at the heart of what we do. Let us help you get there.

If you are ready to take the next step to attend our program, or maybe you are still unsure and have more questions – either way, call our Admissions Team for a zero obligation consultation to determine if The Bridge could be a good fit. Our team is extremely small, and you will communicate with the same team members throughout the process.  

Happiness is possible. Learning to love yourself and love others in a healthy way is possible. Your life is calling. If you are ready to connect, check out the many options below for how to reach us.

Reach us by phone: 1 (877) 866-8661

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