Creative expression is highly effective in improving mental health and easing mental illness symptoms. According to the American Psychiatric Association, about half of Americans engage in creative activities to ease anxiety and stress. From playing an instrument to creating art, there is a wide range of creative outlets you can use to help improve your mental health and well-being. In this article, we’ll explore more about how creative expression helps mental health.

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5 Ways Creative Expression Helps Mental Health

Below are five ways how creative expression helps mental health so you can effectively manage your symptoms while doing an activity you enjoy.

1. Reduces Stress

First, creative expression helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Whether you enjoy playing the piano, painting, or writing, there are so many different forms of healthy creative activities you can do to lower your stress levels, while also doing an activity you enjoy. Plus, creative expression can also be a great way to try a new hobby or activity to help reduce stress. For example, you can attend painting classes as a way to improve your painting skills while also managing your stress levels.

2. Serves as a Healthy Coping Strategy

Creative expression also serves as a healthy coping strategy you can do on your own time. For instance, if you start feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a situation, you can consider drawing or writing out how you are feeling. This can help you work through why you may have started getting anxious or overwhelmed in the first place.

3. Improves Sense of Fulfillment and Purpose

Next, creative expression helps improve your sense of purpose and fulfillment, which can also help improve your mental health. This is because creative activities like playing music and creating art allow you to follow your passions in a healthy way. These activities can also help you connect with other like-minded people who enjoy that type of activity. For instance, if you enjoy painting, you can consider joining a painting class to hone your skills while also connecting with other people who enjoy the same activity.

4. Supports Emotional Self-Expression

Likewise, creative expression helps you express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a healthy way. Rather than lashing out at others or turning to drugs or alcohol to try to manage your mental health symptoms, creative expression allows you to navigate your emotions in a healthy manner. Plus, depending on the form of creative activity you choose (i.e. journaling or drawing), you can look back at your past art and feel grateful for how far you’ve progressed both in your creative talent and mental health journey. 

5. Improves Mood and Energy Levels

Last but not least, creative expression helps mental health because it can improve your mood and energy levels. Many times, when you focus on doing a creative activity that you are passionate about, you experience a boost in mood and energy levels, which can further help improve your overall mental health and well-being. 

Help Is Available

From being a safe coping strategy to improving your sense of purpose, creative expression helps mental health in various ways. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health disorder, it’s critical you seek professional support to safely manage your symptoms. 

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