Parts Work

Integrative Work helps to integrate those pieces of the self that become closed and less collaborative when traumas are experienced over time. This type of work is beneficial for those struggling with:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Love
  • Intimacy Issues

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Developed by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., concepts and theories from this type of integration approach have been utilized by clinicians at The Bridge to Recovery. 

Understanding IFS

The purpose of IFS is to: 

  • Help clients understand why we function the way we do
  • Let go of unhealthy and unhelpful patterns of behavior
  • Find more of a balance in our thinking and behavior patterns.

This type of parts work theorizes that our brains are made of parts. Those parts make up who we are as a person. When we experience trauma, those parts develop protective response systems.  

While these protective response systems are helpful, they can begin to work against each other with each one trying to serve its own purpose. When this happens, we experience emotional dysregulation and unhealthy/unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving, and feeling.  

Because our minds are built to help us survive, these protective parts that develop are well intentioned. This approach works to help the good parts learn to work in harmony instead of apart.

Parts work has proven successful in helping to heal the effects caused by trauma. To learn more about this and other approaches to care at The Bridge to Recovery, or to learn if our program may be a good fit for you, a loved one, or a client, we invite you to call us today.