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Group Therapy

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Countless peer-reviewed clinical trials and studies show that group therapy is a crucial tool in treating many psychological disorders.

Power in Numbers

In our five decades of operation, we have found that the group process creates such a unique and effective space for healing that many leave our program calling it the “secret ingredient.” You can learn more about our approach to utilizing the process here.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Studies continue to suggest that peer group formats have tremendous benefits.

  • Groups discover commonalities in their purpose and experiences which creates a safe space for healing.
  • Peer-to-Peer interactions encourages active listening and hearing.
  • Seeing peers in their healing process encourages others in the group to be active participants in their own healing.
  • Groups provide support during critical times for peers.
  • Studying the group interaction is beneficial to the therapist who can observe patterns of social and relational behavior.
  • Peers in the group often serve as representations of friends, family and loved ones of other peers, allowing them to address issues below the surface they did or did not know they had with that particular family system. 

Our Group Therapy Near Nashville

Group therapy, while very effective, is often extremely intimidating to some folks.  Here are some things you can expect from our group process at The Bridge to Recovery:

Diverse Therapists 

  • Therapists leading our groups at TBTR come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences.  
  • Therapists have different areas of specialty, education, training, and field work.
  • Certain therapists work with different phases of stay (i.e. 1st two weeks, 2nd two weeks, etc.)

Therapist and Peer Led Groups

  • Our groups are co-facilitated by two of our therapists.  
  • Sometimes those therapists work side-by-side, and sometimes they work solo; but, they always work as a team.  
  • Peer led groups may sometimes be used, but mostly rare at TBTR. 
Group Therapy

Group Topics

While most folks are used to groups that focus on a particular topic and are scheduled with a start and end time, groups at TBTR can be much different.  

  • Our group meets each other on admission day Monday and works together as such throughout their time.  
  • Imagine it being more of a “cohort” than a “group.” 
  • During the process, together the group will journey through many trauma-healing techniques, sometimes working closely together and sometimes focusing on individual work within the group setting.
  • The group process at TBTR is very unique, taking place inside and outside, in different setups and styles, and is always conducive to healing.

Group Size & Makeup

  • Groups at TBTR range from several people up to 10 folks in a group at a time.
  • We keep groups small but effective: the magic combination we have found most healing.
  • Group members are represented from all walks of life, experiences, and struggles.
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