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It’s All About Healing the Whole Person

Holistic healing is just that – healing the whole person.  It’s use focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul; finding a healthy wellness balance amongst the three.  

At The Bridge to Recovery, we believe in the “whole person” healing approach.  When we experience trauma, it impacts us in a number of ways.  The symptoms of the pain we carry from trauma are debilitating, heavy, daunting, and most-often, unhealthy.  

In order to achieve emotional wellness, we must heal all aspects of our trauma.  Without so, our mind, body, and soul remain out of balance.

Holistic Trauma Healing

The Mind

Cognition, or thinking, is severely impacted when we experience trauma.  Types of cognition that can be impacted (but certainly not limited to):

  • Attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Memory
  • Emotional Response
  • Rational Thought

Trauma healing modalities we use at The Bridge to Recovery that have a mind/cognition focus:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Music/Arts Therapy
  • Grief & Anger Work
Wellness / Holistic Therapies
Wellness / Holistic Therapies

The Body

Our minds and bodies are built for survival.  When a trauma occurs:

We go into a protective survival mode.

Unfortunately, our nervous system can only take so much, and when overloaded, our fight or flight system falters.

This leaves nowhere for the nervous energy to go, so it becomes stored in our body tissue.

As a protection method, our brain disconnects from our body, often creating memory blocks of the trauma.

Areas of the body disconnected from the brain cannot effectively communicate needs and is subject to degeneration & disease.

Wellness / Holistic Therapies

When our trauma goes unresolved, physical effects can exhibit as:

  • Immune System Weakness
  • Muscle Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Body Exhaustion
  • Degeneration & Disease
  • Cardiovascular Issues

Body movement, voice release, yoga, arts & dance, and other physical movement therapies offer the opportunity to release the stored energy from the body, opening the path to healing be possible.  

At The Bridge to Recovery, we believe this is crucial to our “whole body” approach to healing.

The Soul


  1. the spiritual or immaterial part of a human

It is important to understand what our soul is in order to understand how it is impacted from trauma.  Like our mind and our body, our soul can be damaged when we experience trauma, and the pain we carry impacts our thoughts and behavior as adults.

Our Morality
As children we go through developmental stages, and some of those stages involve our understanding of right and wrong.  If we experience trauma during these critically developmental times, our ability to understand right or wrong can be severely impacted.  This translates into an immature understanding of morality in our adult life.

Our Belief System
Another developmentally crucial growth we experience in childhood is of our belief system.  This includes foundations of trust, empathy, and the ability to love.  When we experience trauma during this developmental growth, our ability to feel human connection can be damaged, impacted our adult emotional human connections.

Our Spirituality
As children and adolescents, we begin adopting our own spiritual belief system molded by our experiences.  For example, someone who is raised Catholic often will practice Catholicism in their adult lives.  By nature, humans go through developmental phases of existential questioning and growth.  When we experience trauma during these times, our spiritual development can be impacted.

Wellness / Holistic Therapies

At The Bridge to Recovery, our clients work on revisiting these areas that were damaged from their trauma experiences in a number of ways:

  • Building a foundation of existential understanding.
  • Shame Reduction
  • Anger Work
  • Psychoeducational Work
  • Spiritual Understanding & Growth Work
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • 12 Step Work
  • Authentic Connection Work

The principle of Holistic Therapy, to heal the mind, body, and soul is a simple concept, yet the execution for healing involves a collaboration of many different styles and techniques.  At The Bridge to Recovery, we specialize in just this kind of work.  If you would like to learn more about program, we invite you to reach out today.

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge.

Hidden away on 115 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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