Many people love to utilize music as an outlet. Today, music is so close to our fingertips: “Alexa, play my favorite songs.” But, can music be used as a therapeutic tool?

Music Evokes Emotion

As trauma survivors, we are often faced with stuck emotions. Part of our process at The Bridge to Recovery is to create a safe space where emotions can be evoked and processed. 

Music is a way for us to evoke emotions and is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Hearing stories told through music helps us connect with our story.
  • Music reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Music is linked to moods and we can tap into that connection.
  • Music is linked to memories and can help with our recall when those memories are trapped.
  • Sounds and vibrations created through music can heighten our senses helping us connect more with our bodies.
  • Writing music can tap into unconscious thoughts and memories.
  • Listening and discussing music allows us to hear other points of view and understand how perception can differ.
  • Dancing to music is great body movement allowing us to release trapped energy from trauma.
  • Making music allows us to tap into creative thinking, which is stimulation for our brain.

Music Therapy at The Bridge to Recovery

Our wonderful team of therapists utilize music therapy in a number of ways at TBTR when beneficial to the group and their healing.  


Being close to Nashville, known as music city USA, we have had the greatest honor of having Tamara Stuart, singer/songwriter, provides special songwriting workshops for our groups helping them put their stories into song. It is a magical experience for our groups, who openly share their love for this experience.

Guided Listening

Throughout our program when beneficial, our therapists utilize guided listening of selected songs to help clients visualize, conceptualize, and open their creative minds.

If you would like to learn more about our residential program and how it could be a good resource for you, a friend or family member, or a client, please give us a call today.