There are many things that make The Bridge to Recovery truly unique, but one of those is our admissions start dates. Many programs have what is called “open admissions,” meaning individuals can enter the program whenever they want. This is important for traditional “rehab” or “treatment” programs because their clientele often require immediate access to care due to their level of acuity. But, The Bridge to Recovery is NOT “rehab” or a “treatment” program, and we are anything but traditional. We are a workshop-style program, and individuals attending our program do not typically need immediate care. More importantly, individuals attending our program need a space to do their deep healing work where they can experience trust and safety. Because we recognize the importance of developing trust and security with those you will be engaging with, we do not allow for “open” admissions.

Our program begins every-other Monday for the entire calendar year, and we will only admit up to 10 people each of those Mondays. By having a set admission every-other week, it removes the chance that new clients will join the group after the trust process has begun, or that clients will depart during the process creating lost momentum.

We have found this process is paramount in creating a safe space for clients to heal from their trauma.

2020 Admissions Date Calendar