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Our Approach

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“The Bridge to Recovery is a Workshop Model with a Treatment Mindset

Our approach to care is extremely unique and sets us apart from other programs.  We have five decades of experience helping clients heal from unresolved trauma, with proven positive outcomes.  

We are one of only a select few programs in the US & worldwide that is dedicated ONLY to addressing trauma & codependency as a primary issue.

Our Approach
Our Approach

Team Approach & A Full Continuum of Care 

To understand more about our program, it is important to understand our team approach to care.

Outreach & Admissions

  • Because of our unique program model, we have outreach staff around the country creating relationships with Therapists, Treatment Programs, Family Programs, Interventionists, and more, to provide education about our program and our care model.
  • Set Admission Dates: We admit groups beginning every-other Monday.
  • We only admit up to 10 individuals during an admission cycle.  

Group Model

  • Small, closed groups create a safe and secure environment for clients to open up and do the deep work necessary for healing (meaning: no new admits after the workshop cycle has begun) .
  • Our milieu can consist of adults on a case by case basis
  • Each individual group is filled with diverse genders and ages.
  • While trauma “symptoms” and individual stories are unique, group members find that their underlying and unresolved pain is their commonality, creating a community of connection, empathy, and healing. 
  • Real and authentic healing is nurtured in this setting.
Our Approach

Clinical Model

  • Our unique program curriculum was created by our Co-Founder, Carol Cannon.  Since then, over the past 5 decades, we have continued to supplement, when available, breaking advances in trauma care to provide the most well rounded, evidence based, foundation-rooted program.
  • Our residential workshop focuses strictly on unresolved trauma and providing space for the experiential modalities to work.  
  • We have found that deep and authentic healing happens in the group setting with clients who are ready, willing, and physically/emotionally able to dive into deeply rooted, unresolved trauma, family systems work, and attachment work.  
  • Our admissions team and clinical teams work closely together to ensure we are the best fit for every client.
  • We employ a diverse clinical staff with many different backgrounds, genders, experiences, educational accomplishments, professional accomplishments, accreditations, and specialties.
  • We utilize multiple modalities of experiential therapy, which we have found best help our clients foster healthy connections with themselves through awareness and productive use of their physical sensations and emotions.
  • The work you will do at The Bridge is geared toward growing and strengthening emotional intelligence.

Aftercare Model

  • We believe that your healing journey, once started, is a forever journey filled with ups & downs.  Once a part of our Bridge family as a client, you are forever part of that family and our aftercare team is dedicated to supporting you through those ups & downs.
  • Our Alumni Program provides ongoing connection, support, referrals and more for the lifetime of our clients.
  • Our aftercare team provides referrals and contacts for a wide array of needs, helping to build the “aftercare toolbox” necessary for a successful return home.
Our Approach

We provide a lot of information about what we do and who we are.  What we are NOT, however, is:A “medical model” program employing doctors, psychiatrists, or nursing staff.We are NOT an appropriate fit for those clients Needing psychological diagnosis, review, or stabilization Needing medication diagnosis, review, or  stabilizationNeeding primary treatment for active &  acute diagnosable behavior, such as:Substance Abuse (less than 2 weeks of sobriety time)Food & Body Disorders (less than 2 weeks since binging, purging, or other symptomatic behaviors)Sex Addiction (currently active in sex-disordered behaviors without previous treatment)With a medical or mental health diagnosis in which a group process/environment is not conducive to the client’s successful recovery journey

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge.

Hidden away on 115 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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About The Bridge To Recovery
The Bridge to Recovery is a transformational residential program located 45 minutes north of Nashville, Tennessee in beautiful rural Kentucky.  We provide hope, healing, and happiness to those suffering.
The Bridge to Recovery is a proud supporter of NAATP. 
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