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Attending Our Program

Attending Our Program

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 “Second to my surrender to recovery in AA nearly 25 years ago, attending The Bridge for 30 days was the most significant life improvement I have ever experienced.”  - Alumnus “A”

Whether you have completed our admissions process and have made the decision to attend our program, or you are just interested in learning more about what attending The Bridge to Recovery is like, you are in the right place.

Attending Our Program
Attending Our Program

Admissions Day

You have completed your over-the-phone assessment, decided our program is a great fit for your needs, paid your deposit, packed up, and are on your way to change your life.  

When you arrive at The Bridge to Recovery, you will:

  • Be greeted by one of our Admissions Specialists.  They are friendly, and they understand this can be a scary day.
  • Complete your intake paperwork.
  • Complete payment and financial needs.
  • Meet our clinical and support teams.
  • Be assigned your accommodations and have time to unpack.
  • Meet the other newly admitting clients, which will become your “group” members.
  • Meet other clients who have extended their stay and are moving into higher phases.
  • Participate in your first “community” group activity, in which all clients attend and get to know one another.
Attending Our Program

During Your Stay at The Bridge

We recognize, and honor, that you took time away from your family, your job, and you made important financial sacrifices to attend. Because of this, we pack in as much as possible during your time at The Bridge, and your days will be very busy.  Every moment at The Bridge is an essential moment toward understanding your underlying issues.

The Group Process

We have dedicated a whole section of our website to better understanding our Group Process. We truly believe the way we do the group process at The Bridge is what provides the best environment for healing.

Communication While at The Bridge

One of the most common questions we get asked about is what our guidelines for communication are.  

  • During the first 7-days, clients are able to send and receive mail.
  • After the first 7-days, clients are able to utilize a client-specific phone line to communicate with friends and loved ones.  
  • We ask that phone calls be limited to 10 minutes in respect of other clients who also wish to utilize the phone.
  • Care packages from friends and loved ones are welcomed, but we do ask that no food or drinks be included. 
Attending Our Program

We recognize it is incredibly hard to leave you home, family, job, and life expectations.  In general, your reality.  However, we have found that our guidelines for communication are successful for the following reasons:

  • Excessive outside communication can distract clients from focusing on the work they are doing at The Bridge.
  • The “noise” in our life (such as bills, running kids to sports, phone calls, text messages, email, radio in the car, podcasts, Netflix, social media, etc.) can become an escape of focus; we want you to be able to fully focus on YOU while in our program!

Time Well Spent

The Bridge operates on a similar schedule every day - 7 days a week – including holidays.  We may alter the schedules for group activities during certain holidays. 

There is little “downtime” during your stay, however we do accommodate time in our schedule for physical activity, self-care time, and rest.

Graduation from our Program

Once our clients complete their time in our program, they will experience feelings of joy, relief, excitement, and understandably, some fear of what is to come.  That’s why at The Bridge, our Alumni & Aftercare Team is so important.

Attending Our Program
Attending Our Program

What to Expect Prior to Graduation Day

Our aftercare team meets with all graduating clients to prepare for their time after The Bridge.  During that meeting, they will:

  • Assist in setting up aftercare appointments necessary for healthy, long-term recovery, such as with therapists.
  • Provide referrals for ongoing recovery support.
  • Discuss our Alumni Program, and how it can be a resource during their transition home.
  • Evaluate the living situation the client is returning home to (if necessary and applicable), and discuss healthy support options for family and individual recovery health. 
  • Assign a Recovery Coach who is available as a supportive resource during and through the transition home (if applicable)

On Graduation Day

Clients will have the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony unique to our program to celebrate not just their completion of our program, but the beginning of their recovery journey.  Clients and clinicians participate in this experience, and it is a memorable one cherished forever by many of our participants.

Attending Our Program

After The Bridge

Because we work diligently to set up our clients with a supportive and connecting experience post-Bridge, they often find the return home a healthy and positive transition. Clients having left our program are able to:

  • Attend Alumni Program events
  • Attend weekly Alumni virtual meetings
  • Connect with other Alumni in their area
  • Meet with their Recovery Coach virtually (if applicable)
  • Utilize our alumni team for referrals and outreach to other professionals
  • Provide permission for our team to share progress with their recovery team (such as a therapist) so that they can continue their healing journey
  • Receive alumni department communications as a support to their recovery.

We recognize you will likely have many questions about what to expect during your time at The Bridge.  Our Admissions Specialists will take the time needed to adequately answer your questions during your admissions process.

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge.

Hidden away on 115 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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