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Our admission process is simple, confidential, and the first step to changing your life.

Registering for our Residential Workshop

Registering for one of our upcoming start dates is easy (visit our Admissions Start Date Calendar). Simply give us a call to learn more about our program.  We want to answer your questions, and you can share with us as much (or as little) information as you are comfortable.  


When you call, you may find that we ask the following:

How did you hear about us?

This gives us more information about our outreach efforts which come from all over, including:

  • Alumni
  • Therapists
  • Treatment Programs
  • Internet Searches & Ads

Sharing this information with us simply allows us to be fiscally smart with our efforts, which in turn helps us keep our admission costs as affordable as possible.

What made you decide to call us today?

We understand that picking up that phone to call us can feel like 10,000 lbs. We have found that with our small admissions team, callers often find it helpful when we can understand their situation better,

For example: 

A caller that states, “I’m struggling with drugs, and am looking for a place to go,” provides us the opportunity to share with them that while we are not a primary treatment program, we are happy to provide a referral to programs we know and trust.  


A caller that states, “I’m struggling in my marriage, at work, and just find myself unhappy all the time,” provides us the opportunity to then share more about our program and that we could be a great fit for their needs.  

While the first caller would likely not be interested in hearing more about our program, the second caller most certainly would.  By sharing this information with us, we are immediately able to tailor the information to each unique caller.


What is your name and phone number?

When folks call our office, they often have the impression they are calling into a large call center and are one of a thousand daily callers.  That is simply not true for us.  Our small team of just 3-4 admissions folks answers only a few dozen calls each day.  

We want to get to know you, your situation, and your needs so that we can best help you.  Sometimes, calls drop or are disconnected.  You picked up that 10,000 lb phone and your call is important to us! 

By giving us your name and phone number, we are able to make sure we can keep connected until you are ready to either (a) move forward in the process, or (b) are no longer interested in our services.

Staff at The Bridge to Recovery, including admissions, clinical, and support staff have completed (at least) our 2-week residential program.  We call this our staff “Immersion Program” and find it critical to our team’s success in understanding the client experience.

Next Steps

If you have decided that our program is right for you, the next step is to complete our over-the-phone assessment.  

(NOTE: Some folks, when feeling unsure about their decision to come, may also decide to do the over-the-phone assessment, as it is often a great way to uncover issues you want to address, and how The Bridge can help.) 

Understanding our over-the-phone assessment:

  • This assessment gives us the information needed to make sure we are the best fit for you.
  • It is completely confidential, and non-committal. 
  • The assessment can take anywhere from 45 minutes to upwards of an hour or so.
  • It is best completed when you are in a quiet and comfortable place to talk.
  • The assessment can be scheduled to take place during the day or the evening to meet your needs.
  • You will be completing the assessment with a member of our small admissions team (one of 3-4 people), and not a “call center.” 

Once you have completed your over-the-phone assessment, our admissions team coordinates with our clinical team to assure that we are the best fit for your needs.  Once that is confirmed, our admissions team will contact you to move forward in the process.


Admitting to The Bridge

Our program begins every-other Monday.  Once you have completed your over-the-phone assessment, and you (and our team) has decided that our program is a good fit for you, our team will communicate with you to discuss the following:

  • Confirm the date you want to start the program.
  • The length of time you feel would be best to commit to (our minimum commitment is 2 weeks).
  • What to pack and what not to pack.
  • Arrival information & what to expect.
  • Understanding our schedule and a typical day at The Bridge.
  • The costs, payment process, and deposit payment.
  • Any other questions or concerns you might have.

Once your deposit is received, your spot is reserved, and you are ready for admissions day!

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge.

Hidden away on 115 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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The Bridge to Recovery is a transformational residential program located 45 minutes north of Nashville, Tennessee in beautiful rural Kentucky.  We provide hope, healing, and happiness to those suffering.
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