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Admission Start Dates

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Unique Admit Process

One of the unique aspects about The Bridge to Recovery is our admit process.  We believe in the importance of creating a safe environment for our clients, and that begins with when our clients start and end the program. 

Admission Start Dates
Admission Start Dates

Admitting to The Bridge to Recovery

Our workshops begin every-other Monday and allow for up to 10 clients, male and female, to admit for that workshop rotation.  We have found this process successful for several reasons:

  • Allowing for clients to admit on only one day keeps the groups cohesive as there are not individuals coming and going during the workshop process.
  • Clients feel safe to open up during the workshop process since the group members are not in flux.
  • Group members form a strong bond creating an environment of support.
  • Incoming clients know ahead of time what the expectations of their time our program will utilize.

[insert interactive calendar, Admission Mondays should be marked on the calendar as beginning Monday, January 3; Monday, January 17; Monday, January 31; and so on.]

What If I Miss a Workshop Start Date?

One of the benefits of our admit process is that there is always an upcoming starting date.  We offer admission to our program throughout the year, without fear of interference of holidays, or other events that cause delay to everyday life.

Year-Round Admission

Our committed team works throughout the year, and we do not close or slow operations during any holiday.  If our every-other Monday admission is scheduled for a holiday (such as Christmas, New Years, etc.), we will still hold our admission on that date.

Admission Start Dates

Our Response to COVID

Even when COVID hit in early 2020, not only did trauma and codependency not stop for anyone, it actually increased due to the horrific events happening in our world.  Even when stay-at-home mandates were enacted, our program sprung into action and immediately offered virtual trauma workshops for those clients already committed to attending our program as well as those who reached out for help during those early days of the pandemic.

All of this allows us to safely say that no matter the circumstances, if you are interested in attending our program, you can count on us that we will have a program for you once you are ready.

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge.

Hidden away on 115 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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