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Affordable Care

The Bridge to Recovery is dedicated to providing affordable care to individuals.  As a 501c3 nonprofit program in operation for five decades, we continue to work diligently to make that happen.

Life Saver Fund
Life Saver Fund

People in Need

Approximately 50-60% of our clients express a need for financial support.  While the cost to attend our program strictly covers operating costs and minor/routine maintenance and upkeep, it is unfeasible for many to still find affordable. 

Populations of people reach out to us in need of trauma care come from all walks of life and financial situations, including:

  • Middle class, blue collar families making (or barely making) ends meet.
  • Families experiencing poverty and extreme poverty.
  • White collar, wealthy, financially stable families.

Industry Standards

The Bridge to Recovery is one of very few nonprofits left in our industry.  It is difficult to survive as the small fish in a big pond, but we are committed to doing just that for several reasons:

For Profit vs. Non Profit

While we cannot deny that most of our industry contemporaries are in this business to help people, there are those that are not.  Additionally, many price tags are placed on services in excess of $30,000 per month, making those services nearly impossible for many.  While there have been many times that surviving as a nonprofit has been extremely difficult, we continue to be committed to our mission of helping others, and thusly, we continue to maintain our nonprofit status.

Private Pay vs. Insurance

Many programs in our industry incorporate a medical component to care so they can include insurance payouts as part of their finances.  This can include:

  • Psychiatric services, such as assessments by a psychiatric physician, medication stabilization, and diagnosis.
  • Acute mental health services such as diagnosis and evaluation.
  • Physical health monitoring, assessment, diagnosis, and care in combination with mental health needs.

Our program at The Bridge to Recovery is not able to collect insurance payments because clients attending our program do not need those additional medically founded services.  Because of this, we rely on private payments from individuals attending the program.

Life Saver Fund

Financial Support

After evaluating the needs of our clients over the past few decades, we recognized that while we attempt to keep our costs as low and affordable as possible, there is still a greater need for financial support. In the early days of our “discount program,” clients would tell us:

“Receiving this financial support to attend The Bridge to Recovery saved my life, and I wouldn’t have been able to attend without it.”

Because of this, we began calling this fund our Life Saver Fund.  In the past decade we have given out millions of dollars in discounts for clients to be able to attend our program.

Donations to the Life Saver Fund

While we have given out a tremendous amount in discounts over the past decade, unfortunately we are extremely underfunded for the Life Saver Fund and it does not meet the needs we experience.  This is impactful for a number of reasons:

  • Without the funding to cover the needs of our clients, we are often at times forced to inform potential clients that we cannot provide them with financial assistance. 
  • While underfunded, we still work diligently to find whatever way possible to support clients needing financial assistance, and if available we pull funds from other operating needs, most often from facility upkeep, maintenance, and updates.  

Please consider making a donation of any size to our Life Saver Fund.  The need is critical and it truly does save lives.  

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