"Words cannot express my gratitude for the excellent care I received from you. I was nothing more than a puddle on the floor when I first arrived.  You gave me back my will to live.  Since then I've continued to learn and grow, but I thank God for you and the Bridge EVERY DAY.  I don't know where I'd be without your kindness, warmth, patience, and love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for guiding me out of the darkness when I couldn't see what was right in front of me."

- Bridge Alumnus

"Second to my surrender to recovery in AA almost 25 years ago - attending the Bridge for 30 days was the most significant life improvement I have ever experienced.  I treasure the time I spent there - and I take a piece of each and every therapist there with me in my life - I still envision and reap the benefits of the work I did on Boundaries with the horses - the meditation instruction - the entire experience changed my life.  Thanks for all you did for me and so many others! 

- Bridge Alumnus, "A"

"I want to thank all of you for the beautiful work that you do each and every day. I tell people often that The Bridge saved my life. Thank you for saving me ... and helping me save myself. I'm worth it!"

- Bridge Alumnus, "T"

"All I can say is that I've never met more caring, understanding and real human beings. The bridge experience was a life changer for me. The knowledge and tools the counselors taught me prepared me for the next chapter in my life. I'm forever grateful. I learned what healthy intimacy was." 

- Bridge Alumnus, "M"

"There's so much I carry with me from the Bridge that I am not even aware of. I went to a reunion recently and bonded with someone over things like the body scan, having healthy boundaries, and most importantly for me, the "when you, I feel blank." The amazing thing to me is that when I was at the bridge I was in a fashion career path I didnt really want and not sure what I was doing and in a very addictive and unhealthy relationship. Now, almost five years later. I work for my family, I study acting, I practice astrology, I made a music video, I go to meetings at SLAA and DA and my relationships with men have gotten way more healthy. I also hold service positions in my two programs and have sponsees. The Bridge provided the foundation for all of that."

- Bridge Alumnus, "E"