I decided to go to TBR because I needed something different. I thought I had tried everything. I didn’t think I needed to “go away” but little did I know it was the exact thing I needed to do but was too scared to admit it.

In my 6 weeks at TBR I was validated, I learned I’m not “crazy.” I went through trauma and I learned how that trauma was still affecting me as an adult. There was so much freedom, understanding, finding release of other people’s shame and generational trauma. Learning about myself, how to love myself, how to put myself first and say no for once in my life.

You can’t learn concepts like these in everyday life. Only at TBR was I able to slow down, put myself first, be vulnerable and really come to terms with who I was and who I was not. I understood that my idea of God was skewed even based off of my trauma.

I’m re-writing every area of my life. Literally. Every area. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so grateful to know what I know now so that I can change the generations behind me.

I would recommend anyone and everyone to go through this program. My life has forever been impacted and I am a different person since I’ve gotten home. It’s been hard. But I am making huge changes in my life and better yet, my children won’t have to go through anything I went through. It all starts and stops with me.

I’m taking my life back and responsibility for my healing. I am so beyond grateful for all the therapists and staff at TBR. Every one of them have impacted my life and I carry their wisdom and belief in me everywhere I go. AND my inner child reminds me of my why I’m doing what I’m doing.

We are re-writing and re-parenting our lives.

On receiving financial assistance:

Without that I don’t think I would’ve stayed and I would not have gotten the rest of what I needed out of the program. The IFS work with Linly was the work that gave me hope and more understanding of why I am the way I am. It totally changed the way I view myself and my parts. Phase 3 was so worth the investment and I’m grateful for the people who made that [assistance] possible for me.

Again, my life has been forever impacted.