Addressing Sex & Intimacy Issues at The Bridge to Recovery

Clients attend The Bridge to Recovery experiencing a myriad of complications in life.  For some, it shows up as debilitating perfectionism, codependency, workaholism, eating disorders, people pleasing, substance abuse, and the list can go on and on (insert any ‘maladaptive coping strategy’ that fits).  Some clients also struggle with intimacy disorders.  These tend to be even less talked about given the high amount of shame that a lot of clients feel. 

Understanding Anxiety & Depression

Depression and anxiety are common reactions to trauma. They can be responses to unresolved trauma, or they may be maladaptive ways of coping when pain and emotions flood the nervous system over time. The system maintains a constant state of emotional “OFF” as with depression or a constant state of emotional “ON” as with anxiety.


Are you a Fixer? Do you Caretake others?

Obsession: The next “wounded” person or incident

Compulsion: help, fix, do, avoid, and fix pain


The need to “caretake” others can be triggered by many different things. When we discuss caretaking, people assume that it means we care for someone else when they are sick or elderly, such as an aging parent. However, when we refer to caretaking, we are referring to those people who put others needs ahead of their own, to the detriment of themselves.