Obsession: The next log on

Compulsion: Search, chat, surfing the web, checking social media


Though the internet has only been around a short time in today’s standards, it has come on the radar in a big way, creating havoc to those who lose the boundary between healthy or entertaining use, and addictive/compulsive use. Early on, with the introduction of chat rooms and online gaming (i.e. fantasy games, role playing games, etc), it became evident that the internet could quickly and easily become an issue for many. Today, with the influx in social media networking, many also find it difficult to separate their reality lives from their online lives.


At The Bridge, we see clients with a wide array of internet issues and addictions. By disconnecting with their reality lives, and finding an escape in all the internet options, clients often find an easy escape from the pain, shame, anger, and guilt they carry in their lives. By addressing the causes of the pain, shame, anger, and guilt, clients attending The Bridge find that they no longer need to reach out to negative behavior patterns, such as inappropriate or compulsive internet use.