Obsession: The last and next deal/Getting/”I deserve…”

Compulsion: Buying/Looking for the deal


Shopping and spending issues/addiction is another process addiction that seems to be found in all severities. Many people say a day of shopping or spending can fulfill a burden or pain they carry, though they may not do it on a regular basis – much like have a glass of wine here or there can help take away a day’s stress. However, others can compare it to a drug addiction: searching for the next great deal provides a rush like feeling, increasing their adrenalin; finding and purchasing the next great deal fulfills that need, and the “come down” occurs after the purchase. While some acknowledge they more casually shop and spend to “get away” from life’s stressors, others acknowledge that they continue to search for that “rush” they get from shopping. Unfortunately, to any severity, shopping issues can hinder our personal lives. At The Bridge, we work with clients to get to the underlying core issues of their pain and shame – the traumatic life events that cause them to engage in negative behavior patterns, such as shopping and spending issues.