Obsession: The next food/meal

Compulsion: Taste good food



Obsession: Image (physical)

Compulsion: Avoidance/purging


Though we are not a primary program for eating disorders, and cannot treat someone active in their eating disorder (i.e. currently engaged in avoidance or purging), we do see many clients who struggle with food issues. Additionally, and most commonly, we see clients who suffer from overeating.


Like any other primary addiction (i.e. substances, sex, or food), many of our clients who have suffered from eating find themselves in constant cycles of relapse. Some relapse back into an eating disorder after some sobriety time, or they many continue to struggle with the fluctuation of their weigh because of their overeating relapses. The Bridge helps clients learn and understand the deeper core issues – the pain and shame associated with traumatic events that have occurred in their lives – that cause them to continue engaging in these behaviors, and thus continue the relapse cycle.