Obsession: Feeling loved and special; Being in a relationship

Compulsion: The next affair, romantic date, etc; The person


Many clients attending The Bridge identify “relationships” as being an issue in their lives. Interpersonal relationships are often affected when we experience painful events in our lives, especially when looking closely at the developmental establishment of social and emotional bonding. Because these early years of our lives, or our adolescent years, are so formidable, it is no wonder how our understandings of relationships and our role in them can easily become skewed when we experience traumatic or pain-inducing events during these delicate times.


By addressing these painful and traumatic events, as well as learning how the developmental stages of life affect us, our clients can learn how to have healthy, reciprocal relationships. Additionally, The Bridge helps clients gain a better sense of self, regain self-esteem, relearn and regain healthy boundaries, learn how to ask for what they want and need, and other skills and needs that help our clients maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.