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  1. Your confidentiality it our upmost concern.  We assign Usernames only using First, Middle, and Last Initial, followed by the month and year of your graduation date.  If you so choose to provide any identifying information, you may do so, but you agree that you will not hold The Bridge to Recovery liable for providing the platform via the Alumni Portal for you to disclose information.  Furthermore, The Bridge to Recovery cannot control or have impact on others sharing your self-disclosed personal information, thus you agree that you will not hold The Bridge to Recovery liable for further sharing of information by other users (Alumni) of this site.
  2. You agree that you will not provide your log-in information to anyone else, other than yourself.  This site is designed ONLY for Bridge Alumni, and your assigned Username is strictly for your use only.  If it comes to the attention of the page’s Admin Staff that you have provide your information for the use of others, you will be removed and blocked from the site.
  3. This site is intended to provide support, fellowship, and connection with other Bridge Alumni.  Disrespect of others, crude comments, name calling, verbally abusive commentary, foul or offensive language/comments/pictures will not be tolerated.  If it comes to the attention of the page’s Admin Staff that you have engaged in these types of acts/behavior, you will be removed and blocked from this site.  Please help maintain and encourage a positive and supportive environment for all.
  4. This site is not designed to replace or mimic a Therapist or other Therapeutic Support.  This site is solely designed to provide a platform for Bridge Alumni to connect with each other, support each other’s recovery journey, and to provide informational resources that might be helpful in that journey.  However, please do not solicit or provide therapeutic or clinical advice on this site.  Additionally, if you are suicidal or having thoughts of suicide, please call 911 immediately, and NOT reach out for help on this site, as it is not checked on a routine basis by Admin Staff. 

Your use of the Alumni Portal implies you agree to the following terms and conditions, and understand that if you violate or fail to meet those terms and conditions, it could result in you being removed and blocked from the site. Furthermore, by continuing to log in to the site, you agree to continue to abide by the terms and conditions during future visits to the site.

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The Bridge to Recovery is a transformational residential program located 45 minutes north of Nashville, Tennessee in beautiful rural Kentucky.  We provide hope, healing, and happiness to those suffering.
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