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Complicated Grief

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"Grief increases inflammation, which can worsen health problems you already have and cause new ones. It batters the immune system, leaving you depleted and vulnerable to infection. The heartbreak of grief can increase blood pressure and the risk of blood clots." - WebMD

Complicated Grief
Complicated Grief

Grief & Trauma

A trauma is a loss, whether a real loss or a threatened one.  We experience a loss when we are deprived of or have to go without something that we have had and valued – some that we needed, wanted, or expected.

When left untreated, grief festers and we may experience it through a wide range of manifestations, including:

  • Chronic Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
  • Anger or Resentment
  • Sadness
  • Emptiness
  • Unfulfillment 
  • Confusion
  • Shame
  • Numbness, or a Void of Feelings

The experiential techniques used at The Bridge to Recovery are helpful in activating and facilitating grief work by addressing parts of ourselves that may remain hidden from our ordinary awareness.

Complicated Grief

For some people, feelings from trauma and loss can become debilitating and do not improve, even after significant amounts of time have passed.  This is known as complicated grief.  The inability to move forward from loss over time can impact an individual’s overall wellbeing and happiness, sometimes without them even knowing that grief is the culprit.

Complicated Grief

The Process of Grieving

At The Bridge to Recovery, incorporating grief work into our process is key to helping our clients experience healing and emotional recovery.  In doing so, participants can expect to work through their losses and grief in a number of ways.

Part of that work that occurs at The Bridge to Recovery is identifying losses, identifying needs, understanding and moving through the stages of grief, and working on core issues.  

Grief and loss are often so painful that we often try to avoid the pain around it, and find ourselves stuck in the healing process, moving further into complicated grief.

By attending our program, clients report they are able to finally and successfully identify, understand, and heal from their losses and grief, which in turn improves many of other symptomatic behavior patterns.

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge.

Hidden away on 115 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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