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Financial, Stocks & Cryptocurrency Struggles

Financial, Stocks & Cryptocurrency Struggles

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The trading of stocks and cryptocurrency can be exhilarating. For those with unresolved trauma, it can become yet another outlet for destructive escape-from-reality behavior.

Understanding Trading

The stock market thrives off the notion higher reward for higher risk.  When “going public” on the various stock exchanges, or allowing investors to buy shares of business, many experiences new levels of success. Trading can bring great reward for both investors and businesses.

With reward, however, comes loss for others.  The highs and lows produced from trading can produce the same dopamine response as drugs and alcohol.  Thus, someone with underlying and unresolved trauma can quickly find themselves in trouble.

Financial, Stocks & Cryptocurrency Struggles
Financial, Stocks & Cryptocurrency Struggles

Problematic Trading

Like anything in life a healthy balance of behavior is necessary.  Trading becomes problematic when:

  • Chasing the exhilaration or “high” that trading brings.
  • Hiding investments and/or losses.
  • Chasing retribution for losses.
  • Experience financial distress or debt as a result of trading.
  • Lying to loved ones about trading behavior.
  • Borrowing money and/or selling items for trading when not financially feasible or responsible to do so.
  • Hope that financial rewards will translate to feelings of happiness, when they consistently do not.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading has existed for centuries.  It is said that the first stock exchange was created in the 1600’s.  But with the advancements in technology, cryptocurrency has gained popularity. 

Cryptocurrency trading involves the trading of digital currencies.  In the past few years alone, individuals have become millionaires off an investment of just a few cents (sometimes even a fraction of a cent).  Currently, the market for cryptocurrency is volatile.

Financial, Stocks & Cryptocurrency Struggles

Because of the high reward opportunity, this market can also become unsafe for those struggling with unresolved trauma.

It is important to recognize the danger of unhealthy trading behavior.  At The Bridge to Recovery, we have helped individuals experiencing great financial distress caused by trading.  Let us help you find freedom from the bonds of your trauma.

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