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Misery & Martyrdom

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Beyond feelings of chronic unhappiness is misery.

“I’m Feeling Miserable!”

We often say it.  When we feel sick or are suffering.  For our purposes, we discuss misery in terms of unresolved and underlying trauma.  

When we are stuck in our trauma, misery is a common symptomatic reaction.

Misery & Martyrdom
Misery & Martyrdom

Here are some tendencies that are commonly seen in someone with unresolved trauma leading to a chronic state of misery:

  • Emotional Frustrations Control Their Lives
  • Overly Critical of Others and Themselves
  • Excessive Anxiety & Worry
  • Focus on Hopelessness
  • Lack of Gratitude 
  • Struggle to Find the Positive in Anything / Often Focused on the Worst
  • Interpersonal Relationships are Superficial 
  • Confrontational
  • Day-to-Day Stuff Irritates Them
  • Wish They Could Experience Happiness but Will Often Downplay It
  • Expresses Dislike of Others, and Possibly Self
  • Focus on How They Have Been Wronged
  • Their Burdens Become Primary Focus 

This list is not comprehensive, nor does it mean that someone who is in a state of misery would experience one or any of these.  They are common tendencies, however, and important to note.

When Misery Becomes a Weapon

When experiencing chronic misery, some may find that they become hooked on the outcomes of their behavior.  When they exhibit symptoms of their misery, such as being distressed or burdened, they find that extra attention (good and bad) is paid to them, causing them to feign or exaggerate it in the future.

Misery & Martyrdom

This is known as Martyrdom: Weaponizing symptoms of misery to obtain more attention and sympathy.

For many, this becomes a chronic state of living.  And, while they are miserable, so often are the people around them.  Relationships suffer:

  • With Self
  • With Loved Ones
  • With Job/Career
  • With Experiences

This is not a state of living that is healthy.  Healing and happiness are achievable, and we would love to share more with you.  Call us today to learn how The Bridge to Recovery has helped so many stuck in their misery find emotional recovery and long term happiness.

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