New in 2019!  Now offering Workshop Intensives!

Our Workshop Intensives are designed for those seeking exploration, growth, and wellness.  If you are seeking to find further understanding in a certain aspect or area of your life (or your recovery), attending one of our Workshop Intensives may be an ideal opportunity.  

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Workshop Intensives Offered in 2019


The Forgiveness Journey

Open To:  Anyone

This workshop explores the who, what, when, where and how of forgiving.  Forgiveness is both an event and a process.  This workshop will offer participants valuable tools that can be activated in order to move further along in the forgiveness journey.  Key aspects of the intensive will include a tried and true forgiveness process that one can start using immediately.  A second aspect will include special cases for the application of forgiveness.  Have you ever gotten the sense that you needed to forgive yourself?  Have you ever gotten the sense that you were angry with your Higher Power and had harbored resentment there?  And of course, there are some people who have so deeply wounded us, we can’t imagine how to apply forgiveness to them.  This workshop will help participants begin dealing with these important ideas and start moving along on the Forgiveness Journey. 


Reclaiming Our Lives After Difficult Losses

Open To:  Anyone

No matter who you are or where you're from, losses are inevitable.  Deaths, divorces, job transitions, relocations, empty nests, parting ways, natural disasters, break-ups and heart breaks are just some of the struggles we face.  This workshop helps us learn some important steps we can take to work through our losses and find hope and healing on the other side.


Thriving: The Art Rising Up & Bouncing Back

Open To:  Anyone

Studies have shown that not everyone who experiences trauma suffers long. In fact, there is a new population being studied who experience post traumatic growth instead of post-traumatic stress.  Sometimes even in the midst of trauma and sometimes shortly after traumatic experiences, these are people who rise up from the ashes and bounce back into life.  Researchers are paying close attention to the ways in which they make their comebacks, how they handle adversity, how they keep hope alive and how they press on in the face of insurmountable odds.  Resilient people are not superhumans.  Their skills can be learned.  This workshop will show us how to rise up and bounce back. 


Bridge Tuneup

Open To:  Any Alumnus of The Bridge to Recovery who has completed a minimum of Phase I of the Core Program

Any length of time you spent at The Bridge to Recovery was a good start. No matter what phase you completed, chances are that you still have some important healing work to do.  Perhaps you are someone who could not stay until it was time to go (YO!).  Perhaps following your stay, you have experienced adversity and difficulties with family, friends and yourself that need to be resolved.  If any of this makes sense to you, you are an excellent candidate for a Bridge Tuneup.  This workshop is intended to provide alumni further opportunities to build on the work they started here.  (Note: This is not a substitute for any Phase.  It is a supplement.)


Family Intensives

Open To:  Any ONE Family (up to 8 Members)

This workshop will work with one family designed to repair unhealthy and challenging interpersonal dynamics and patterns of interaction that have contributed to making a family functionally dysfunctional.  This workshop is scheduled by request and dependent on availability.  Cost is determined based on amount of participants and length requested.


Couples Intensives

Open To:  Any ONE Couple

Designed for one couple at a time, this workshop will take a deeper dive into how to cultivate intimacy for those who need extended therapeutic interaction to assist in repairing wounds.  This workshop is scheduled by request and dependent on availability.  



Get To Know Our Facilitators


Dr. Scott Whittle, MA, D.Min., MS, MFTA, T-CADC

Scott first came to The Bridge to Recovery as a client.  At that time he was serving as a minister in a local church.  Besides a lot of personal healing, The Bridge gave Scott an expanded vision for how to help people grow and heal in ways he never imagined. From 2007 to 2017, Scott served as a counselor at The Bridge.  During that time, he facilitated family weekends and helped develop the various phases of the program, giving special attention to the first two weeks.  Now Scott is in private practice providing counseling services in three different locations across the state.  Scott is passionate about the work we do at The Bridge and looks forward to serving alumni and friends in 2019. 


Kimberly Cuza-Whittle, Certified Trauma Professional (CTP-5).  

Kim has been a part of The Bridge to Recovery since 1990 when she came through the program as a two week client and ended up staying for 90 days.  Besides the personal experience, strength and hope she’s gained through 12 Step recovery, Kim has over 30 years of training and experience as a counselor and group leader.  From 2004 to 2016, she worked as a counselor at The Bridge.  Kim currently sees clients in private practice as a Professional Mentor specializing in trauma survival, personal growth, and Inner Child Healing.  When she was both a client and later a counselor at The Bridge, Kim did a lot of deep work down at "the Cabin" (where our Workshop Intensives are held).  Kim looks forward to continuing that work with alumni and friends in 2019.