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The Bridge to Recovery, located in the neighboring state of Kentucky, can provide assistance to you or your loved one seeking a mental health workshop in Knoxville. While our facility is renowned for offering specialized and trauma-informed mental health help, The Bridge to Recovery also serves a wide range of areas, including Knoxville, Tennessee.

If you or your loved one have any questions about The Bridge to Recovery, feel free to connect with us by calling our admissions line at your convenience. 

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More than one in five United States adults live with a mental health condition, but 55%* don’t get help for it. Trauma, anxiety, and depression are all serious issues in Knox County, where Knoxville is located, among other concerns. The Bridge to Recovery treats all of the above and more. Before we discuss the three phases of our mental health workshop near Knoxville, let’s go over some of the offerings and features that set us apart.

*Statistics are from the Knox County Mental Health Report 2023.


Evidence-based therapies and activities

You’ll get about 42 hours of group therapy per week at The Bridge to Recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), equine therapy, art therapy, narrative therapy, music therapy, 12-step, yoga, nature walks, and body movement are some examples of the programs and activities you might engage in during our workshop. We also offer family therapy and other services that might be valuable additions to your personal plan. 

Clients at our facility engage in small, closed groups so that they can get to know one another, develop a sense of safety and comfort, and heal together. Just as mental health concerns can affect anyone, those who attend The Bridge to Recovery are diverse in age, gender, and personal history. We find that everyone involved finds commonality, creating an authentic and special healing experience. 


Facility & living accommodations

Since our Bowling Green mental health program operates on an inpatient basis, we provide room and board. Clients stay at our facility, surrounded by nature, for a minimum of two weeks. Meals and snacks are provided. Rooms and facilities are home-like and comforting. Clients can send and receive mail during the first week of our mental health workshop. After that, 10-minute phone calls are permitted. 

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge. Hidden away on 120 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

Phases of The Bridge to Recovery’s Knoxville Mental Health Workshop Program

Our mental health workshop, available to residents of Knoxville, TN, operates in the following three stages. Although trauma and other mental health concerns aren’t easy battles, you can recover and build a life that you love. Clients in our mental health workshop reflect on the experience positively, and our alumni program will always be here to help you stay in touch and stay on your path to recovery long after your stay at The Bridge to Recovery is over.

Three Phases of Treatment

Our program includes three different phases.

During the first stage of our program, your goal is to learn about and explore your trauma. As a leader in residential trauma programs, we understand all of the different ways trauma can show up, as well as the diverse forms it can come in. Whether it’s grief, physical or mental illness (which can be a source of trauma in and of itself), adverse childhood experiences, codependency, or something else that you have to process, our team is here to guide you in a safe, compassionate space. 

In the second stage of our mental health workshop, you’ll start to dig even deeper into how trauma has manifested in your life. For example, you might ask yourself: What behaviors and patterns are no longer serving you? What are your needs, and how can you meet them in a sustainable way that supports your well-being? Also, in this phase, clients start building up their coping skills toolkit and engage in boundary work. Boundaries don’t come easy to everyone, but they’re essential for building and maintaining healthy and supportive relationships. 

In addition to potential impacts on interpersonal relationships, mental health conditions and traumatic experiences alike can hinder the relationship individuals have with themselves. In the third and final stage of our mental health workshop, you will strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. You’ll also continue to give and receive peer support in group settings. 

Although our program lasts for a minimum of two weeks, the length of stay can be flexible. So, while one client might end their stay at the two-week mark, you might stay for six. The length of your stay depends on your individual wants and needs. 

Getting to The Bridge to Recovery From Knoxville

The Bridge to Recovery is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It takes just under three and a half hours to get to Bowling Green from Knoxville by car via I-40. Some clients also choose to fly or take another mode of transit. Please feel free to call The Bridge to Recovery for directions to our workshop or help finding transportation to and from our center. 

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Mental Health Workshop Near Knoxville

The Bridge to Recovery has been serving clients for over five decades. With our unique approach, proximity to Knoxville, and evidence-based services, it is an ideal solution for those in search of an effective Knoxville mental health workshop. 

We provide confidential pre-screeners over the phone so that clients can determine whether The Bridge to Recovery is the right fit. You can contact The Bridge to Recovery for yourself, a family member, or another person in your life seeking mental health care near Knoxville. 

For the fastest response, call our admissions line at 1-877-866-8661. You can also contact us online through the contact page on our website.